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Bryan Lanning is a Country singer-songwriter, father of 3, and YouTuber in the popular family vlog "Daily Bumps". Bryan started vlogging his life in 2016 and in a few short years gained over 5 million subscribers, but when his debut Country album "Same Town" premiered at #9 on the iTunes Country Album Charts in 2020, it certified Bryan as Country Music's newest contender.


In 2021, Bryan Lanning earned three semi-finalist nominations for his follow-up singles "Walls" and "Steady". The "Walls" music video, starring Bryan and his 7-year old son Oliver, was also nominated for an ISC and featured in People magazine. Bryan's Nashville-meets-Coastal sound is inspired by the 90's Country, and early 00's Pop-Punk he grew up listening to and, with over 45 million career streams, it clearly resonates with listeners worldwide.


The singer/songwriter is originally from Emmett, Idaho. A father to two young boys, his family often inspires his music and songwriting. Digital Journal wrote, "There is a rawness, honesty, and authenticity to “Walls,” which will resonate well with his fans and listeners." Bryan gained notoriety on YouTube from 2013-2019 by chronicling his personal life and music journey on video. The Going Home EP was released shortly after and included the fan-favorite duet Steady, featuring friend and artist Brennley Brown.

In 2022, Bryan released "Watch Em Grow" (The EP), the title track for which was co-written with his wife Missy Lanning. Later that same year, they welcomed their 3rd child and 1st daughter into the world.

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