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Bryan Lanning was born to a single mother in San Diego, California where he lived with his older sister in a small apartment. Since he was walking, he's been singing! At the age of 4, he was well-versed with his mom's record collection, and by 5 years old he had his own collection of cassette tapes that he recorded the top 40 countdown on.


When he was a kid his mom would take him camping on Fiesta Island in San Diego. It wasn't until he was grown when he learned you're not allowed to camp on Fiesta Island, and they were always sneaking in because they kept getting evicted and needed a place to sleep. The family struggled financially through the early years. At 6 years old, his grandma moved his mom and family from sunny California, to live with her in Idaho on her home ranch while she helped his mom back on her feet. Bryan's grandma invested in his abilities from a young age, and at 6, had him training and touring with the Idaho Children's Opera. 

Shortly after, Bryan's mom married a man who moved the family away to the mountains, where they experienced a country life that was vastly different from what he was used to. They lived off the land, ate what his parents hunted, and chopped and gathered wood to stay warm. It was then Bryan became a fan of country music. He'd listen while working in the yard, and in the truck on the way to fishing, archery, and hunting competitions. 

When Bryan was in 3rd grade, he was caught singing in between classes in the boys restroom by the 4th grade choir teacher. She enrolled him immediately (despite being a grade too young) and put him front and center. The experience further exposed him to so many different genres of music and taught him the foundation of using his voice as an instrument.

Bryan married his high school sweetheart, Missy Lanning, in August of 2008. Shortly after, the couple sold all their belongings and moved back to California in hopes to find more job opportunities and to start a family. After facing nothing but tragedies while trying to have a baby, the couple shared their story candidly across the Internet to help others going through the same thing. 5 million subscribers and 3 billion views later, and now Bryan is not only a father to two beautiful little boys, but he's also the owner of Cali Co. Music, a professional music studio where he is working on a new album, as well as a media company that manages a team of people who create video and audio content for brands and other clients.

In 2015, Bryan wrote and released his first song "This Is Home," which has been streamed over 9 million times. He released his debut country album "Same Town" on July 3, 2020.


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