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Illegal - EP Out Now!

This is the start of something that's been in the works for over 3 years. I'm very proud of these 4 songs, which will gave you a taste of what's to come! Thank you! - B


Youtube Sensation Turned Chart-Topping Songwriter, Bryan Lanning, Releases Debut Country EP “Illegal”

Bryan Lanning explodes on to the country music scene with an all-new four-song EP titled “Illegal” and a brand new sound all his own.

Temecula, CA, (1/24/2020) – Breakout country music star, Bryan Lanning, has released his brand new four-song EP “Illegal”, the first release featuring an all-new country pop sound that blends Lanning’s 90’s country rock influence with cool coastal beach vibes. The four song EP even premiered at #7 on the iTunes country album charts.

It’s also the first release to come out of Bryan and longtime producer Daniel Martin’s (Jessica Meuse, Poor Mans Change, VIDA, Victor Wooten) new music studio, Cali Co. Music Group, located in Temecula, California.

The first track “By Heart” is an upbeat guitar-driven love song that raucously welcomes in a new era for Bryan and a new coastal take on classic country rock. This Bryan is more grown up and focused, but leaves room for the boyish charm and unabashed love for life, as featured in the album’s title track “Illegal”.

Bryan spent his youth writing with different songwriters, and experimenting with different sounds and styles (from pop, to rock, to R&B) but his latest musical venture has landed him back where his heart was always meant to be – country.

“I grew up in a small farm town in Idaho listening to 90’s country music,” says Bryan. “We only ate what my step-dad shot for dinner and the wood we cut was what kept us warm. Life was simple and fun. That’s what country music is about.”

In the last 5 years, Bryan has a grown a huge social media following with his wife, all by sharing that simple life mantra with the world. That same adventurous spirit and love for his family shines though on his new EP and doesn’t let up until the last second, each song giving you something else you didn’t know you were wanting. With almost 5 million subscribers on YouTube and over a half-million followers on instagram, Bryan’s fans have been hungry for more music since the release of his debut single “This is Home,” which just passed 9 million streams.


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