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This Is Home - Single


Like A Lion - EP


Us - EP


Dirt - Single


Song: This Is Home

Released: 2015

Views: 8m +

Genre: Country Pop

The first song Bryan ever wrote and produced. Since it's release “This is Home” has been streamed over 9 million times. The video features Bryan's wife, Missy Lanning, and his son Oliver.

Song: Idaho

Released: 2016

Views: 3m +

Genre: Pop​

Idaho is the lead single from Bryan's debut Album, "Us". It chronicles the time in his life where we met his now wife. The video features talent by August Maturo and Clint Jordan, re-enacting Bryan's abusive upbringing with his alcoholic step-dad.

Song: Dirt

Released: 2019

Genre: Rock Pop

This is the first song Bryan ever produced in his music studio, Cali Co. Experimenting with more rock and pop elements, Dirt is an anthem about perseverance that leaves you feeling uplifted and energized.